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I am a writer with over twenty years experience crafting copy for technical documentation, technical blogs, corporate trainings, mobile apps, product marketing, email campaigns, business strategy, and arts / entertainment. This blog documents processes and ideas around creating small shell tools, creating new markup languages, and scripts for technical / creative writing.

Please view my portfolio for an abridged list of professional work. My Github profile contains shell scripting, automation, small web development projects, and other technical content.


2022-09-03 Get Started with FZF in Zsh
2017-09-19 The Javascript String Object
2017-05-13 Google Apps Script and Gmail
2017-04-20 Fun with Pseudo Namespaces in Bash
2016-11-19 Read a File Without Cat
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2015-09-17 Wrapping Text
2014-10-05 Variables in Preprocessors
2014-07-08 Future Dates

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