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Hello Again, Aliaser

The joy of creating command line tools often lies in the discovery of personal process; knowing that there are likely hundreds of ways of completing a task, but designing a method that does so simply and in line with my own workflow/environment/brain.

Creating aliaser was perhaps the first time I felt that what I wanted matched what I was able to produce, but I became drowned in self doubt – why should I bother writing a tool when there are dozens of others that acheive the same goal (see bashmarks et al.) – and deprecated my tool.

But why? In my case, deprecation is a band-aid over my lack of experienced in a world where everyone perpetually knows more, understands more, and does more. A world I traipse around, taking in lessons and avoiding interaction. Why? I love writing little tools, and I love sharing sharing them as a document of who am at the time. I’m ripping the band-aid off to let my admittedly moderate skills breathe a little. I’m giving myself space to let my passions find a voice.

With that, I present the ressurection of aliaser: a directory traversal tool for the bash shell, written in 116 lines of code. I wrote aliaser out of passion. Aliaser now lives again.

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