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My tool to get a list of links from Google Chrome has been updated more than a few times since the previous post, including the ability to save links to instapaper or pastebin, and an option to save the page(s) to pdf (via wkhtmltopdf). Here’s the brand new full list of options:

-s to save the links to a file on the desktop
-c to copy the links to your clipboard
-v to print the links to stdout with leading text
-p to print the links to stdout
-i to save the link(s) to instapaper
-b to save the link(s) to
-w to save each url as a pdf (saves the page via 'wkhtmltopdf')
-h prints this help message

- lnks accepts one option. the program will fail if run with more than one option.
- using option -s will allow you to specify an output file, such as:
        lnks -s searchterm matchinglinks.txt

I spent a while trying to figure out what I want to do next with lnks and feel pretty good about what I have planned:

Use Safari Instead

Every now and again I take Safari out for a spin, and during one of those times I created surls to mimic lnks functionality. Merging surls with lnks makes a lot of sense, and got me thinking maybe I can add…

Canary, Chromium, and Webkit Support As Well

Most (if not all) of these browsers are scriptable via Applescript and it’s gonna be great to brush up on my Applescripting. I am more than a bit out of practice.

Pinboard Support

I was super excited to add Instapaper support to lnks but got super bummed when I saw that they were sold to Pinterest. I probably won’t drop Instapaper support for lnks (despite my silly threat), but I definitely want to add an alternative. Pinboard is a clean, well developed option I have on the horizon.


It’d be really great to not have to specify any new or old options every time lnks is run, so how about a configuration file? This will essentially be an expanded version of the current conf file that will be read at runtime.

There are a few other maintenance updates that I have planned for the far distant future, but I’m not quite there yet. Check back soon!

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