Google Apps Script - Send Email

A better form submission notification message for Google Apps Script Form and Spreadsheet projects.

This project is aimed at users who use Google Spreadsheets to collect Google Form response data, and want more informative notifications when a new form is submitted. This project intends to be a replacement for the default Google Sheet edit notifications by providing the full form submission in the email notification.

This script has been used across several long-term Google Apps Script projects and is fairly robust, however please review the docs and submit an issue if you encounter any bugs.


View the documentation here


Install via npm:

npm install google-apps-script-send-email


Add your project info to the configuration file

// Sample configuration 
const config = {
  admin: "",
  formName: "Site Survey",
  recipient: [ 
  emailFooter: "<br />This is an automated message, do not reply",
  sheetId: "1234567890abcdef,
  sheetNameFilter: " Responses",
  subjectFilter: "New Submission: ",
  sheetInfo: {
    firstCol: "A",
    lastCol: "R", 
    // the lastRow parameter does not need to be edited
    lastRow: activeSpreadsheet.getLastRow(), 

Run the sendEmail function as an installable trigger. You may also import sendEmail.js into another file in your Google Apps Script project.