Setting Up ActionKit

This guide will explain how to upload and modify templates on ActionKit.

Table of Contents

Setup and Resources

Before moving to the steps below be sure you or staff have access to the following resources:

Downloading the Templateset ZIP File

Grab the laelease of the templateset files here.

Remember where this file was downloaded. You will need to upload this ZIP file into ActionKit in a later step.

Copy the default templateset

The only way to add new templatesets to ActionKit is to copy an existing templateset. Once copied, new templates can be added to replace these default files. Instructions for completing this process are located below.

Remember: Staff must have access to the Pages section of ActionKit to work with templates.

How to make a copy of the default Templateset

The default templateset will be marked as default in the column labeled Default in the templateset page in ActionKit

Renaming the copied templateset

You will need to rename the templateset after copying so it can be easily identified among other templatesets in ActionKit.

To rename the Templateset

Adding the Templateset ZIP File to ActionKit

Finally, for your uploaded files to work on live pages, you must click the blue Publish Changes button at the tope of the page.

Next Steps

Now that you've uploaded this zip file, go to Pages > Appearance > Templateset fields in ActionKit to add custom templateset fields.